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John is a nationally accredited mediator who has worked across a diverse range of disputes. He has a particular speciality in building and construction disputes. As a practicing solicitor for the past 40 years, John is particularly aware of the advantages of mediation as a cost effective and efficient way of resolving legal issues. 

John brings to the mediation table, his extensive knowledge and experience in litigation, conveyancing and commercial law, building disputes, estate disputes and business disputes. John holds a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Law and is a Public Notary for the Supreme Court of NSW.

John is actively involved in a range of community organisations and is currently Chairman of Cancer Care Western NSW, He is a life member of Apex Club and has been involved in numerous projects including Banjo Patterson Park and Committee, community access to legal advice, Orange Theatre Company and Orange Kart Racing Club.

John's hobbies are cycling, snow skiing, scuba diving and travel.


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John Carpenter Pty Ltd is based in Orange NSW and provides mediation services to assist clients to constructively sort out disputes by establishing appropriate channels of communication.

We provide mediation as an alternate dispute resolution system to enable the parties to maintain control of the outcome and identify opportunities to resolve their dispute in a solutions focused environment.


Areas of practice include building and construction disputes, commercial disputes, workplace relations, family law - property issues, business disputes, disputed wills and estates, neighbourhood disputes, consumer rights and small claims.